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Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry. See what we did there? Seriously, though - the North American pot sector was worth an estimated $77bn in 2019, home to over 300k jobs - a number set to double by 2025. Significantly, an estimated $64bn of the $77bn was made from illegal sales, meaning this industry still has a lot of unsmoked potential stuffed in its cone - especially as legislation surrounding cannabis continues to loosen across North America. Does this mean we're gonna be seeing Amazon selling weed soon? Probably not (although don't rule out anything in this dystopian timeline we're riding). Due to the variety of strains available and relatively cultural niche of the industry, the sector lends itself to independent businesses that build their reputation heavily on their product. But these guys aren't your cute local coffee shops - already cannabis companies are enjoying market values of over $1bn.

This list includes the top cannabis production, sales or development company stocks – not including pure pharmaceuticals or hydroponics firms – that have market caps over $300m.

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